Maltese Prime Minister, “Crypto currencies are the inevitable future of money.”

Prime Minister of Malta Talks About The Blockchain Summit 2018.


Meet the Team.


Jason Bon Anderson, CEO & Founding Member.

A brief word from Jason:


“Having worked successfully in recruitment for over 25 years, I have noticed the marketplace is changing. More recently I have become a keen investor in the crypto space, having invested in over 30 ICO’s, it seems a natural progression to recruit roles within Blockchain.

I believe crypto is the future, for a plethora of reasons including:

*The transparency of blockchain.

*Previous history cannot be overwritten, and thus cannot be falsified.

*Given the affordability and common use of smartphones, it’s just a matter of time before crypto becomes mainstream.

The Recruitment Agency is now recruiting internationally for careers within the Blockchain & Crypto space, currently offering our services free of charge to applicants.

We welcome interest from both clients & applicants,

I look forward to working with you.”


Lee Stott, Director.

A brief word from Lee:

“With a background in the insurance sector and public speaking I moved over to recruitment around 6 years ago. Recently qualified as an Cyber Security Analyst and Certified Ethical Hacker which helps in understanding the skills needed for the blockchain space.”


Karl Patterson, Director.

A brief word from Karl:

“I started my working life serving an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer, the key skill that has stayed with me is a keen attention to detail. I have spent most of my career to date either in an engineering or manufacturing environment, and more specifically in senior Human Resources roles for the past 18 years. My move into recruitment came about from being a client of The Recruitment Agency and years later being good friends of Jason and Lee, I am excited to be part of recruiting in the Blockchain and Crypto space. Our focus is to provide the kind of Customer Service that exceeds all of our clients expectations.”